Medical Management of Glaucoma A – Z . In this course you will:

  • Know the mechanism of actions of the major agents used in medical management
  • Know the side effects both ocular and systemic side effects of the medications
  • Contraindications and drug interactions of various agents
  • Dosage of various medications
  • First line of therapy and considerations when first line of therapy fails.
  • Know the combination agents available in USA
  • Know the lowering intraocular pressure in office setting
  • Know the effects of preservatives and chronic therapy and preservative free options of medications in glaucoma management
  • Neuroprotection and future drugs

View the following  lecture presentation recorded by Pinakin Gunvant Davey OD, PhD, FAAO, Professor:

Video: Medical Management of Glaucoma A – Z

A PowerPoint Handout available in PDF format, outline key points covered in the lecture presentation.